Player Agents


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Compilled List of Known Agents by Class Edit

Bountyhunter icon

Cassus Diventor (Agent)
Gideon Larrs (Agent)
Jylan Trell (Agent)
Skursir (Agent)
Jokoro (Agent)
Roneth (Agent)
Rin Chiasa (Agent)
(Sureshot's undecided Character) (Chief Operative)

Impagent icon

Creed Dekkar (Special Agent)
Horatz (Agent)
Ril Tesv (Special Agent)
Skykin Ardrott (Agent)
Erdan Caryington (Special Agent)
Drazzak (Agent)
Sco Rooj (Agent)
Kleti (Agent)
Ree'tak (Agent)
Leta Orbus (Agent)
Krum Gax (Agent)

Si icon

Aleina Fel (Chief Operative)
Sharho Aamomn (Darth Fernus) (Agent)
(Maimai's undecided Character) (Agent)

Sithwarrior icon
Suiadan (Agent)
(zf6hellion undecided Sith Warrior) (Initiate)
(LW's undecided Sith Warrior)

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