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Hands of DarknessEdit


Hands of Darkness

E.P.O.C.H. Emissary: (Tando Alums)
The Hands of Darkness' are a shadowy unseen faction amongst the Sith, an alliance of Sith that are very unhappy and bitter about the Emperors withdrawal from Republic Space and the tedious cold war it has caused. They plot to spark a new Great War through the use of Corruption and Power, their touch can be felt through every rank of the Sith, recruiting those who believed the Republic should have been crushed once and for all.Source
E.P.O.C.H. work with Hands of Darkness as well as their bitter rivals, the Jedi. Fanatical and violent, the HoD nevertheless never miss a payment, and E.P.O.C.H. have a tenious and fragile alliance with them. Though both organisations show respect to one another, they are also aware the other might betray them at any time...

The PraxeumEdit


The Praxeum

E.P.O.C.H. Emissary: (Lord_Nord)

The Praxeum. A select group of force sensitive’s. Trained in relative secrecy in an unknown location in the Kashyyyk system. These Jedi have been issued away from the planet of Tython in order to practice and further their understanding of the force, away from possible dangers arisen by the Sith empire. With the help of fellow comrades, combined with the force’s guidance, members of the Praxeum are ever working to prepare themselves from the unfortunate but inevitable cease of this galactic stand still. *
On the surface the Jedi of the Praxeum might seem like the most unlikely of allies to The E.P.O.C.H. Agency, with their stalwart values and strict moral code, but even the benevolent Jedi sometimes need to turn to others to get things done, things which they might not necessarily agree with - but appreciate need to be done regardless. When that time comes, when they need shadowy hands in the dark space between the stars, they call upon The E.P.O.C.H....

Remnants of MandaloreEdit


Remnants of Mandalore

E.P.O.C.H. Emissary: Jylan Trell (PrioryJK)

Originally formed as a small elite unit among the Mandalorian Army known as Ravager Elite Squadron, the group that would later become known as The Remnants of Mandalore was led by a man known as Kymerous Bane. True to the tenants and beliefs of the Resol'Nare, they saw the Mandalore's siding with the Sith during the sacking of Coruscant as treacherous and the cowardly act of the Mandalorian Blockade as unthinkable. Abandoning their people aboard the starship The Endeavor, Ravager Elite Squadron travelled to Ord Mantell where they renamed themselves The Remnants of Mandalore and swore to uphold the honourable ways of all true Mando'ade.
The Remnants of Mandalore have a fledgling alliance with the Agents of The E.P.O.C.H, specifically their Republic Department, who are also based on Ord Mantell.

The Sith'ari Path Edit


The Sith'ari Path

E.P.O.C.H. Emissary: Skursir (Harlequin2)
According to common Sith legend, one day there will rise an individual who will be a perfect being. He/she will know complete freedom, and under his/her leadership the Sith will experience a spiritual rebirth and rule the galaxy until the end of times.

However, around 100 BTC, the female Sith Historian Irea claims that "Sith'ari" does not refer to a person, but to a state of Force enlightenment, as the Sith code implicates. Irea upholds that the Sith have deviated from their original path towards collective enlightenment, and that they have degenerated into a power-hungry and self-absorbed sect. Ultimately, the Sith have a mission to lead the galaxy to freedom, not oppression.

Irea gathers some followers, but her philosophy is quickly branded as deviant, heretic and dangerous, and she and her disciples are tortured and executed. During the following century her ideas are lost and forgotten, until a young Sith apprentice, Sharasvar, discovers a holocron explaining the philosophy of Irea the Heretic. In secret, he dedicates himself to the Enlightened Path, and starts to build a faction which aims to steer the Sith towards the original goal of Sith'ari..

  • Thanks to Sol of The Praxeum for the description of his Guild.