Jylan Trell

Zabrak avatar
Biographical Information
Name: Jylan Trell
Species: Zabrak
Game Information
Class: Bounty Hunter
Class Talent Specialisation: TBA
Guild Rank: Special Agent
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 1.4 meters
Weight: Unrecorded
Eye Color Green
Age: 32
Personal Information
Known Aliases:
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive?: No
Skill Specialization: Engineering
Weapon: Custom Rifle
Companion(s): Ral'fach
Residency: Undisclosed
Political Information
Opposed Affiliation(s): None specifically
Current Affiliation(s):

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Jylan is a short bald Zabrak with yellow gray skin, his distinctive horns are a mix of different types from different sub races, soft stubby horns on his forehead flanked by short spiked ones on the back. Jylan grew up as an orphan he lacks the facial tattoo's his species wear as tradition making him stand out among other Zabrak and even among other species due to the rarity of Zabrak not wearing them. Having no real fashion sense he is commonly seen wearing the dirty overalls he use’s to work in covered by more expensive ones in odd attempts to look presentable.


A skilled mechanic Jylan is has knowledge in numerous disciplines, mostly picked up from his work as a starship mechanic but also self taught weapons modifications and a desire to know how everything operates.

Specializing in customization of weapons and ships currently for E.P.O.C.H. he also dabbles in electrical devices security and counter security measures designing ingenious although not state of the art ways to bypass security systems and cause mayhem.




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Working for E.P.O.C.H makes him strictly neutral business wise, he however is more aligned to the Republic then to the Sith, growing up in poverty with no help form the Government left him bitter of the lethargy and ineptness of the Republic’s oversight. He however has no illusions of the governance that the Sith would have over the galaxy, he currently leaves his opinions out of matters as long as the missions don’t effect the war and the two sides are at an impasse but still harbours a deep resentment doing their bidding.


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