NPC Agents

Active NPC Agents Edit

Etti Malindrll Mdybo
Holister Captain Michael P. Hollister (Lunarwolf)
Valik Valik (Lunarwolf)
Creon Theodore Creon (Currently Harewood, under negocation)
Jeth Lady Nalia Jeth (Lunarwolf)
Thressk Thressk (Trandoshan Bounty Hunter) (PrioryJK)
Ree Ree'tak (Lunarwolf)
Xen Xen Raffini (Lunarwolf)
Cyn Kaleko Cyn (Lunarwolf)

Dead, but not forgotten... Edit

DETAILS: Human mercenary from Coruscant. (Played by Lord_Nord)
DIED: Thermal Detonator blast on Onderon, 1 ATC

  • Lussk Morta

DETAILS: Trandoshan bounty hunter (ex-republic military. (Played by Lunarwolf)
DIED: Thermal Detonator blast on Onderon, 1 ATC

  • Zaraigus Kael

DETAILS: Human bounty hunter from Corellia. (Played by Lunarwolf)
DIED: Victim of "The Coruscant Cutter"

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